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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my lesson?

You will book your lesson by emailing and Rosie will endeavour to give you your requested time although sometimes this may not be possible. Please be prepared to be flexible with times and dates!

How do I pay for a lesson?

There are two ways to pay for a lesson. The first is to purchase a voucher from the website HERE  or you can pay by cash on the day, Rosie does not accept cards or cheques on the day. Please note the lesson and entrance to the ice rink are paid separately.

What should I wear?

When selecting your skating outfit remember these things:
– Keep elbows and knees covered
– Make sure you can move around easily (e.g leggings or tracksuit)
– Gloves and socks are a must
– It’s an ice rink… it won’t be warm in there!
– The more sparkles the better! Boys you can sparkle too (if you want!)

How long should I allow before the lesson?

Please allow at least 15mins extra time as there may be queues at reception and skate hire. For those having lessons on public session you may arrive any time after the session starts and stay on the ice until the end of the session. (see here for opening times )

Do I still have to pay for entrance at reception even if I’m having a lesson?

Yes you must pay for entrance to the ice rink when you are having a private lesson. The good news is skate hire is included in the entrance fee and as a bonus if you mention you’re having a lesson with Rosie at reception you get a spectator for free! For prices and times please see here

I don’t have my own skates, can I hire some?

Yes you can! The good news is skate hire is included in the entrance price so no need to pay extra if you don’t have your own skates yet!

What size skates should I wear?

If you’re hiring skates go for about the same size as your normal shoes (they can come up a bit narrow though). If you’ve got extra socks on remember you’ll need to go up a size and you can change your boots as many times as you like so feel free to change a size if you’re not comfortable.

Will I get sore feet?

Some people do get sore feet after wearing the hire skates. To reduce this make sure you wear socks (thicker socks will protect you better) and you can also bring blister plasters just in case!

Where Do I meet Rosie?

Rosie will meet you at the side of the ice at the start of your lesson. If you need an alternative meeting point please arrange with Rosie at the time of booking.

How long will it take to learn to skate?

This depends on your definition of ‘skate’ If you want to do triple axels don’t be disappointed if they don’t happen in our first half hour together but in most cases in the first lesson we learn to stand and move forwards, some safety tips and possibly even backwards!

If you want to progress quickly I recommend at least an hours practice to every half hour lesson. Progression will depend on natural balance and body awareness but you don’t know how good you are until you try! Remember, the more you practice the quicker you will improve.

When can I skate?

The ice rink timetable can be found here:
There are also additional practice (patch) sessions available for more advanced skaters. Information about times and required standards for these can be obtained from reception at Alexandra palace on 020 8365 4386 or by emailing

How long are the lessons?

One £25 lesson is half an hour long. If you’d like to do an hour you may buy two single vouchers but make sure you mention you’d like an hour when you are booking the lesson.

What kind of skating does Rosie teach?

Rosie teaches figure skating which includes both free and dance. She will also teach basics to anyone who wants to learn (yes that includes you hockey skaters!)

How old do you need to be to have a lesson?

As long as they can stand up and fit in the boots they can start to skate! (This usually falls around the age of 3) However from experience children begin to take instruction well from the age of 4. If you have any queries please contact Rosie directly.

How many can join a lesson?

Single lessons are for 1-3 people. If you would like to book for more than 3 people please contact Rosie directly at

Do the vouchers cover birthday parties?

No the vouchers are not valid for group bookings or birthday parties. For information or to book a birthday party or corporate event contact Rosie directly at

Anything else you’d like to know?

If there’s anything else you’d like information on feel free to contact Rosie at and she’ll be happy to help you!


  • My daughters and I really value the work we get to do at the rink with Rosie. We’ve been working with her for over a year now. What progress we’ve all made!
    Sonia (6) and her friend Olivia work with Rosie every week, and have been inspired to participate in the APAISC annual skating championship as a result. They love working with Rosie because she really makes the lessons fun. (She even gives them little rewards sometimes!) My daughter Asya (12) has also done some coaching with Rosie in addition to weekly lessons with another coach, and has really appreciated Rosie’s insight.

    Review By: Nina Klose ( Mother of Sonia and Asya )
  • I booked a block of ice skating lessons at Alexandra Palace hoping to improve my basic skating skills. I turned up to the first lesson feeling a bit nervous and not knowing what to expect. My nerves soon disappeared once I had met our teacher Rosie.

    Review By: By Louise ( Age 31 )
  • I feel really comfortable with Rosie as my coach and immensely enjoy our lessons together. We always have fun and I still feel I’m improving. Due to my fear of public performance I don’t take part in may competitions, however, at the time of my NISA Test Rosie really supported me and helped me feel proud of myself and even comfortable during the actual test.

    Review By: By Anna ( Age 16 )
  • Rosie provides fun coaching for all ages and levels. She teaches lots of new things and has a great personality

    Review By: By Jamie ( Age 11 )
  • I have always loved skating and have been wanting to improve my skills for a long time. I finally plucked up the courage to book skating lessons. It was the best decision I’ve made. What made it even better was that I got Rosie as my teacher. She makes the lessons fun and exciting.

    Review By: By Lorraine ( Age 31 )
  • I really enjoy skating with Rosie for a lot of different reasons. One is she is really friendly and funny and she makes the lessons really enjoyable and creative. She is also very supportive and understanding. She is really well organised and is always very helpful. Rosie really helps me with my confidence when performing and I also feel that has helped with my confidence off ice too.

    Review By: By Evie ( Age 13 )
  • I love being taught by Rosie because she makes everything fun and however well you do, in her view, its always excellent! Also she teaches us amazing routines and helps us with amazing routines and EPIC costumes. She always helps us with our jumps and spins and pushes us to achieve more than we thought we could. Rosie is the nicest skating teacher I know.

    Review By: By Rory ( Age 9 )
  • I wasn’t a very good skater before I started taking lessons at the age of 11 ½ but I’ve learnt a lot and become more attached to skating the more I do. I never took the sport seriously at first but now I love it so much I try my best to work hard on and off the ice to achieve my skating goals.

    Review By: By Chloe ( Age 14 )