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Wowww! You guys are really into skating this February! Due to exceptionally high demand I can now advise that all lessons on Tuesday 16th of February are taken. At the current time I have two spaces available on Monday and the other days are filling up so fast I highly advise calling not emailing to […]

Well hello everyone! February 2016 Half term is nearly upon us and there’s lots of excitement about escaping the dreary grey February weather and coming inside to feel the fun of gliding on the ice without the risk of being rained on! This February we have a slight change in our session times at Alexandra […]

Hello Skaters! That time of year is here again, December is now upon us and that means snow, ice and all things nice! If you’d like to have a festive skate or a quick brush up before hitting the open air rinks I’ve got good news for you, bookings for the Christmas holidays are now […]

Well what a busy time of year this is! With the winter well and truly here and open air ice rinks popping up all over the country people seem to think about trying skating even if you have never braved the ice before. I had the pleasure of skating with Christian Saunders for Forever Sports […]

Well the show went really well and great fun was had by all but now it’s on to the next project… What I haven’t been telling you all is that since November I have been training to run the (FULL!) Brighton Marathon on April 6th. I have never run a great distance before so this […]

So it’s been a while since I last posted but for good reason! After the whirlwind of Mary Poppins Sur la Glace in France (check out the pictures in the gallery)followed by the festivities of Christmas and New Year I was given an amazing opportunity to be in a brand new show called Burlesque on […]

Well I’ve got some very exciting news for you all! Last week I was called and offered a place in Mary Poppins sur la Glace… In Marseille! Less than 12 hours later I was waiting at the airport for my flight and taken straight to rehearsals for a day and a half of frantic brain […]

Well interesting things have been happening at the Palace lately! Have you remembered the last season of Dancing on Ice is on it’s way? Well we have because we’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the skaters this year… I’m not allowed to tell you who they are but they’re all looking […]

    So tonight I had the privilege of seeing a sneak preview of a new number for the show and I am now allowed to let you all know it’s The Little Mermaid! I know I for one have already had a sneaky sing along to ‘under the sea’ and rediscovered my favourite lyric…”the fish […]

  • My daughters and I really value the work we get to do at the rink with Rosie. We’ve been working with her for over a year now. What progress we’ve all made!
    Sonia (6) and her friend Olivia work with Rosie every week, and have been inspired to participate in the APAISC annual skating championship as a result. They love working with Rosie because she really makes the lessons fun. (She even gives them little rewards sometimes!) My daughter Asya (12) has also done some coaching with Rosie in addition to weekly lessons with another coach, and has really appreciated Rosie’s insight.

    Review By: Nina Klose ( Mother of Sonia and Asya )
  • I booked a block of ice skating lessons at Alexandra Palace hoping to improve my basic skating skills. I turned up to the first lesson feeling a bit nervous and not knowing what to expect. My nerves soon disappeared once I had met our teacher Rosie.

    Review By: By Louise ( Age 31 )
  • I feel really comfortable with Rosie as my coach and immensely enjoy our lessons together. We always have fun and I still feel I’m improving. Due to my fear of public performance I don’t take part in may competitions, however, at the time of my NISA Test Rosie really supported me and helped me feel proud of myself and even comfortable during the actual test.

    Review By: By Anna ( Age 16 )
  • Rosie provides fun coaching for all ages and levels. She teaches lots of new things and has a great personality

    Review By: By Jamie ( Age 11 )
  • I have always loved skating and have been wanting to improve my skills for a long time. I finally plucked up the courage to book skating lessons. It was the best decision I’ve made. What made it even better was that I got Rosie as my teacher. She makes the lessons fun and exciting.

    Review By: By Lorraine ( Age 31 )
  • I really enjoy skating with Rosie for a lot of different reasons. One is she is really friendly and funny and she makes the lessons really enjoyable and creative. She is also very supportive and understanding. She is really well organised and is always very helpful. Rosie really helps me with my confidence when performing and I also feel that has helped with my confidence off ice too.

    Review By: By Evie ( Age 13 )
  • I love being taught by Rosie because she makes everything fun and however well you do, in her view, its always excellent! Also she teaches us amazing routines and helps us with amazing routines and EPIC costumes. She always helps us with our jumps and spins and pushes us to achieve more than we thought we could. Rosie is the nicest skating teacher I know.

    Review By: By Rory ( Age 9 )
  • I wasn’t a very good skater before I started taking lessons at the age of 11 ½ but I’ve learnt a lot and become more attached to skating the more I do. I never took the sport seriously at first but now I love it so much I try my best to work hard on and off the ice to achieve my skating goals.

    Review By: By Chloe ( Age 14 )