British figure skating champion & coach


Rosie’s skating journey began at the age of six when her mother took some adult classes. She would always ask, “What did you learn today Mummy? Can I come too?”. Eventually her mother relented and enrolled Rosie and her brother in group lessons. After completing the courses Rosie took private lessons with Level Three coach Shirelle Kyle and began attending junior club (now called Alexandra Palace Academy on Saturday mornings) and training before and after school a few days a week. In 1996 at the age of ten Rosie took part in her first Solo Dance Championships. She continued to work hard with her coach and entered many national competitions in both free and dance. In 2002 at the age of sixteen Rosie won the championships and gained the title of Intermediate Ladies Solo Dance Championships.

At the age of eighteen Rosie moved to the alps for a winter and continued to skate out there before moving to Greece where to her dismay there were no ice rinks close enough to skate at, so it was with relief she moved to Canterbury to study Sport Science and Psychology and began coaching alongside her degree. After graduating she continued to coach part time while gaining experience with occupational therapists and then spending time working as a teaching assistant with children with special needs in school. She spent time volunteering at the hospital school in the Royal Free then moved to be a learning support assistant for a boy with cerebral palsy in a mainstream school. Having done these things she decided to apply this knowledge in ice skating and today has come back to her passion and is a full time ice skating coach. In her coaching career which has spanned 7 years Rosie has helped a number of pupils pass national tests in both free and dance. Her pupils have competed in national level competitions and she is regularly called on to assist with Shirelle Kyles team of skaters in championship season. She has also assisted the current Intermediate Boys Solo Dance Champion and worked very closely with skaters in the run up to the British Championships in order to aid with both physical and psychological readiness before competition. Rosie says’ “You know, I love skating but I REALLY love teaching skating!”

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  • My daughters and I really value the work we get to do at the rink with Rosie. We’ve been working with her for over a year now. What progress we’ve all made!
    Sonia (6) and her friend Olivia work with Rosie every week, and have been inspired to participate in the APAISC annual skating championship as a result. They love working with Rosie because she really makes the lessons fun. (She even gives them little rewards sometimes!) My daughter Asya (12) has also done some coaching with Rosie in addition to weekly lessons with another coach, and has really appreciated Rosie’s insight.

    Review By: Nina Klose ( Mother of Sonia and Asya )
  • I booked a block of ice skating lessons at Alexandra Palace hoping to improve my basic skating skills. I turned up to the first lesson feeling a bit nervous and not knowing what to expect. My nerves soon disappeared once I had met our teacher Rosie.

    Review By: By Louise ( Age 31 )
  • I feel really comfortable with Rosie as my coach and immensely enjoy our lessons together. We always have fun and I still feel I’m improving. Due to my fear of public performance I don’t take part in may competitions, however, at the time of my NISA Test Rosie really supported me and helped me feel proud of myself and even comfortable during the actual test.

    Review By: By Anna ( Age 16 )
  • Rosie provides fun coaching for all ages and levels. She teaches lots of new things and has a great personality

    Review By: By Jamie ( Age 11 )
  • I have always loved skating and have been wanting to improve my skills for a long time. I finally plucked up the courage to book skating lessons. It was the best decision I’ve made. What made it even better was that I got Rosie as my teacher. She makes the lessons fun and exciting.

    Review By: By Lorraine ( Age 31 )
  • I really enjoy skating with Rosie for a lot of different reasons. One is she is really friendly and funny and she makes the lessons really enjoyable and creative. She is also very supportive and understanding. She is really well organised and is always very helpful. Rosie really helps me with my confidence when performing and I also feel that has helped with my confidence off ice too.

    Review By: By Evie ( Age 13 )
  • I love being taught by Rosie because she makes everything fun and however well you do, in her view, its always excellent! Also she teaches us amazing routines and helps us with amazing routines and EPIC costumes. She always helps us with our jumps and spins and pushes us to achieve more than we thought we could. Rosie is the nicest skating teacher I know.

    Review By: By Rory ( Age 9 )
  • I wasn’t a very good skater before I started taking lessons at the age of 11 ½ but I’ve learnt a lot and become more attached to skating the more I do. I never took the sport seriously at first but now I love it so much I try my best to work hard on and off the ice to achieve my skating goals.

    Review By: By Chloe ( Age 14 )